The How-To Prayer

Troy Schmidt
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We should not pray from a formula, but from the heart.

A bedroom

• A book with maybe a cover that reads “The How-To Prayer Manual” or “Praying for Dummies.”

2-3 minutes

Jenny:  A woman who wants to know how to pray (could be cast as a guy too)

When the disciples in Luke 11 (and Matthew 6) asked Jesus how to pray, He told them.  It’s called the Model Prayer.  Many use it as the Formula Prayer. 

“Take two parts repentance and three parts forgiveness, add a dash of worship and a pinch of love and there you have it – Prayer!”  Is that really what Jesus meant?

What Jesus meant to say is this, “When you pray, pray LIKE this.”  Use these points in your prayer, not, use these words exactly in your prayer.  If I called up my father and said the same thing to him in 30 seconds then hung up, he would begin to think I was weird.  It wouldn’t be a conversation.  I would be reading a cold, prepared statement from memory.

Prayer has always been the means in which open communication happens with God.  There’s nothing scientific about it.


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The How-To Prayer

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